ISA Components identified two specific areas in which we could offer packaged solutions on a grand scale. We have accordingly created two distinct project areas, each with dedicated consultants and specialists to take you through the process of selection for your particular space.

Office Projects

Our Office Projects involve providing you with a selection of chair kits and sturdy, stainless steel desk under structures for your client’s office space. Once you have established the spatial and design requirements of your client, we take you through our product catalogue and allow you to select from our extended product range. These include products which we have secured specifically for these projects. ISA Components Office Project solutions aims to provide your client with a professionally furnished office space capable of accommodating as many employees as it would need it to. You will also be choosing from the best quality products on the market, leaving employees ultimately satisfied with their office work-spaces. Contact Us to discuss your Office project needs.

Community Projects

Large scale projects require large scale solutions, and your clients will appreciate you choosing ISA Components to supply you with these solutions. Based on the specifications that you receive from your clients, we will be able to source items and order containers to supply even the widest range projects, from schools to multi-centre mobile conferencing facilities. ISA Components engages with high quality global providers to bring international standards to your clients. We are also committed to going beyond offering you a standard range of furniture, and encourage you to gather even the most subtle of requirements from your clients, to enable us to tailor a large scale solution that will meet their individual needs. If we are unable to find a suitable ready-made solution, we are willing to engage with top global designers to develop products for large scale manufacture – which will then be shipped in to be brought directly to your client. Contact our sales staff for more information on our community projects.